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The importance of the wood pellet machine for sale

The wood pellet machine for sale uses the sawdust of eucalyptus, pine, birch, poplar, fruit wood and other sawdust, as well as the straw of wheat, soybean meal, corn and other crops and bamboo chips as raw materials, which are processed into wood pellet fuel. The wood pellet machine for sale effectively solves the problems of biological coarse fiber, difficult granulation and poor effect. The main engine adopts high-efficiency gear transmission, which improves the production efficiency by more than 15% compared with the traditional belt transmission.

In addition, the ring die adopts quick release hoop type, and the feeding adopts frequency conversion and speed regulation to ensure uniform feeding. The door cover is equipped with a forced feeder, which is manufactured with international advanced manufacturing technology.

It is mainly composed of feeding, mixing, granulating, transmission and lubrication systems. The working requirement is that the mixing powder with moisture content not more than 15% enters the feeding auger from the hopper, obtains the appropriate material flow by adjusting the speed of the motor, and then enters the mixer, where it is stirred by the mixing rod and mixed with steam for conditioning.

If molasses or grease is required to be added, it is also added from the mixing drum and tempered with steam (the amount of grease is generally not more than 3%, otherwise it is difficult to form), The temperature of the powder mixed by the conditioner can reach 64-85 ℃ and the humidity can reach 15%-18%. Then the iron impurities mixed in the powder are removed through the iron absorption device through the chute, and finally enter the pressing room for granulation.

So how to use the pellet machine properly?

The important section of the wood pellet manufacturing equipment is the granulation section. The wood pellet making machine is the key equipment in the whole particle manufacturing line. Whether the equipment can work normally and whether the staff can operate properly will directly affect the quality and service life of the wood pellet mill.

wood pellet machine for sale

Always pay attention to the smoothness of the wood pellet making machine. Bearing is required for the operation of any equipment, and the bearing needs to operate in the state of smooth oil. Once there is a lack of oil, the bearing will burn out immediately, and the machine will stop running. Therefore, the smoothness of the wood pellet making machine plays a vital role in the consumption efficiency and output.

In addition, it should be pay attention to is the application of wearing parts. The die and roller are the vulnerable parts. If the service life of the vulnerable parts is improved, the cost is saved and the profit is improved. The customer shall select the raw materials strictly to ensure the cleanness of the raw materials as far as possible. Before granulation, the rolling screen equipment and strong magnetic blocks shall be added to reduce the damage of large wooden blocks and iron objects to the mold and pressing wheel.

In order to reduce the defect rate of the wood pellet making machine, the wood pellet machine for sale needs to carefully check the performance of the equipment, so as to make the wood pellet machine for sale generate pellets better.

The most concerned thing for starting the wood pellet business is how to choose proper wood pellet machine. The wood pellet machine is applied to produce the wood pellets from the raw materials such as wood chips, wood shavings, twig, branch and all kinds of wood wastes. What factors should be paid attention to when choosing an appropriate wood pellet machine?

  • Raw materials

At the beginning, you should check the type of the raw materials. Different raw materials need different processing equipment. If your raw materials are wood logs or large diameters wood, you need an wood chipper here. The drum wood chipper can cut the large diameter wood logs and branches into 3-5cm high-quality industrial wood chips with smooth incision and uniform thickness for the following working process. The drum wood chipper is a special equipment for preparing high-quality wood chips. It is suitable for paper mills, particleboard mills, fiberboard mills, wood chip production bases and wood chip export bases.

If the moisture content of the raw materials is high, it’s necessary to equipped with an wood drying machine. The optimum moisture content to make pellets is 13%-18%. So in the drying process, the wood dryer machine is mainly to get the material of desired moisture content for the convenience of the following working.

The industries of wood processing are blooming such as the furniture factories, door factories, plate processing factories, woodwork factories. At the same time, a problem is arising. A large number of sawdust and wood scraps are accumulated in the plant area. Once the purchasers fail to purchase the wood sawdust in time, there will be a large backlog. Sometimes they are forced to find someone to dispose of them at a discount. Seeing that there is no place to go for good resources, the bosses are always anxious.

At the same time, the environmental protection department has checked it closely. It is strictly forbidden to place waste in disorder. Moreover, there are fire hazards after a large amount of waste is stacked. They do not know how to deal with the so-called waste in their hands.

What’s more, in response to the call of the national energy and environmental protection department, measures such as coal ban and emission reduction have emerged in endlessly, and the environmental protection has been enhanced day by day. A large number of traditional coal-fired enterprises are also anxious. They are feeling exhausted for the lack of clean energy after the coal ban. The emissions do not meet the standards, so the enterprises are forced to close down.

The appearance of wood pellet manufacturing machine makes this phenomenon be solved easily. The wood pellet machine for sale pressed the leftovers and wood sawdust of the wood processing enterprises into wood pellets. According to the test results of various authorities, wood pellets are a kind of renewable clean fuel that does not contain sulfur. And the burning process of the wood pellets produces very low oxygen compounds and very low ash.

Among various renewable energy sources, biomass is unique. It is the stored solar energy and the only renewable carbon source. It can be converted into conventional solid, liquid and gaseous fuels. Biomass is distributed all over the world, and its reserves are huge. The annual production of plants on the earth is like 20 times of the current human consumption of mineral energy, or 160 times of the food energy of the world’s existing population.

In recent years, with the efforts to control air pollution and protection increasing, the government has intensively issued relevant wood pellet fuel energy support policies to promote the development of biomass energy, especially the application of the wood raw materials processed into pellets fuel to replace coal. With the vigorous development of the wood pellet industry, the wood pellet machine industry, as the upstream industry of pellet processing, has also grown rapidly, and even there are situation that the supply exceeded the demand.

So, investing in the wood pellet machine is promising. RICHI Machinery can provide you with high-quality wood pellet machine for sale. If you are interested at this, just send inquiry to us and we will reply you in time.


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