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Choose the right small wood pellet mill manufacturer

The small wood pellet mill is an environmentally friendly mechanical equipment that processes solid materials such as sawdust, wood chips, bamboo chips, and crop waste into biomass pellet energy.

Transportation; simple feeding, clean and hygienic, labor-saving, and improved labor environment; high calorific value and large calorific value, which can be directly used instead of mineral coal; high purity, non-corrosive boiler, can prolong the service life of the boiler and reduce the investment cost of the enterprise ; very friendly to the environment.

The widespread use of biomass pellet fuel is the main factor that promotes the rapid development of biomass small wood pellet mills. In recent years, biomass pellet fuel has been recognized by the fuel market, and fuel pellets have also been used in various industries, such as power plants and boiler plants.

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1. Choose the right small wood pellet mill manufacturer

It is very important to choose the right small wood pellet mill manufacturer. The quality and after-sales service of the small wood pellet mill production line determine the level of user benefits. This is deeply felt by every user, so they put a lot of energy into the work of choosing manufacturers. Although the workload is huge, everyone is pained and happy.

Therefore, it is more important for customers to continuously choose a good small wood pellet mill manufacturer. Why do some people use the biomass pellet machine production line and make a lot of money in a short time; while some users have been working overtime and failed to achieve the expected results? Just because I did not choose the right small wood pellet mill manufacturer, the equipment has a little difference in quality, performance, configuration, and after-sales, which will seriously affect the production effect.

Now, the demand for biomass pellet machines in the market is increasing. In addition to biomass pellet machines, there are also small wood pellet mills and sawdust pellet machines, which have brought a lot of changes to our life and sound production.

2. Precautions for the operation of small wood pellet mill

The small wood pellet mill is a kind of mechanical equipment that we often use in our life and production. Only by mastering the key points of the operation of the wood pellet machine can we use the pellet machine better, make it work better for us and prolong its service life.

Today, Richi Machinery will explain to you the precautions for the operation of the small wood pellet mill:

(1) Raw materials

The size of the raw material of the small wood pellet mill should be controlled within 6mm, and the moisture content should be between 10-15%. If the pressed pellets are fluffy and have many vertical cracks, the moisture content of the raw material should be appropriately reduced; on the contrary, if the pressed pellets are short. (Related post: fuel pellet plant)

The temperature is extremely high, and the water content of the raw material should be appropriately increased. At the same time, hard (metal) debris should be removed from the material to avoid damage to the small wood pellet mill and cause accidents.

(2) Use and maintenance

①Familiar with the instructions: Before using the small wood pellet mill, you should read the instructions carefully. Learn about wood pellet mill machine performance, structure, use, and routine maintenance and care.

②Trial operation: Before starting the small wood pellet mill, check whether all parts of the machine are fastened, and then start the motor for trial operation to observe whether the rotation direction of the machine is consistent with the logo and whether there is any abnormal sound during operation.

③Wash the mold: Take 50 catties of bran, 100 catties of fine sand, and 50 catties of oil, stir evenly, then punch the equipment, discharge and grind (through the grinding port) one after another, and grind repeatedly until the template holes are smooth and all discharged.

④Preparation for shutdown: in the early stage of use of the new mold, the silo of the pellet machine should be emptied, and then the oil-containing material should be added through the grinding port and pressed into the mold hole to keep the hole lubricated and prevent clogging in the next use.

⑤Particle control: The length of the small wood pellet mill cutter on the feeding rack can be adjusted to control the length of the pellets.

⑥ Discharge port: The function of this port is to discharge the residual material in the pressing room. If the residual material is not discharged in time, it will damage the hollow shaft bearing and seriously reduce its life.

Therefore, the discharge port must ensure that it is unblocked, and pay attention to observe it during work In the discharge situation, if it is found that the blockage or the discharge is not smooth, use slender objects to clear the blockage, such as plastic, wood, bamboo, etc. If it is not easy to clean, the steel pipe of the discharge port can be removed and cleaned again. (Related post: wood pellet plant in Indonesia)

Richi Machinery has been committed to the research and development and production of biomass pellet machines, small wood pellet mills, sawdust pellet machines, and pellet machine production lines for many years!

In the market of competitive incentives, we will continue to innovate and strive for the core of technology, and will continue to provide more advanced, convenient and practical machinery and equipment for the majority of users.

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