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Just how to keep pellet mill die as well as roller?

The roller and also die are the using parts in a pellet machine. To use and also keep them in right means can lower the failing rate, enhance the manufacturing, raise the functioning performance, conserve time and also labor. If there is any trouble in the roller as well as die, the forming rate as well as manufacturing would decline.

Fill the die with oil blend

Every single time after utilizing, or when you want to change the die, remember to feed oil mix (blended sawdust and waste oil) to the pellet device, squeeze out all the biomass materials as well as fill up the die openings with oil mixture.

The biomass materials consists of dampness, which would increase the deterioration of the die, and also create it harsh inside. The oil blend filled in the die doles will protect them from rusting or deterioration.

Replace the oil blend every half a year

If you have actually leaved the pellet mill die aside for over a fifty percent year. You need to change the oil combination in the die for new, or they would solidify and block the holes. This will certainly affect the usage for next time.

Fix the block of the pellet mill die

If the die holes are blocked and the wood pellets do not appear, we can utilize oil saturate or cooking to soften the raw products, as well as make pellets once more. If this method does not work, you can utilize drills to extrude the raw products out, as well as feed oil materials and also fine sand combination to grind the die.

Location the spare components in appropriate places

Maintain the pellet mill dies in ventilate as well as dry place. If maintained in damp location, they will corrode quickly. If you do not use it for very long time, you can coat it with a layer of waste oil to stop corrosion of moisture airborne. Don’t place the pellet mill die where the raw products are saved. The raw materials are very easy to take in moistures, which would accelerate the deterioration of the die.

Smooth the die and also chamfer the die orifices

The holes on the pellet mill die are refined by high-speed weapon drill, which has high level of smoothness. Examine if there is any type of protrudes externally of the die, if so, smooth them with a flint glazing machine. If the die orifice are secured or have inversion, you ought to chamfer the die orifices and also renovate it.

Readjust the clearance between the roller as well as die

In flat die pellet machine, the appropriate clearance in between roller and die is 0.1-0.3 mm. If the clearance is also small, the abrasion in between the roller and die will heighten. If the clearance is also huge, the raw materials layer will be thick as well as the production will decline. In ring die pellet machine, the appropriate clearance is 0.1-0.4 mm.

Maintain the pellet mill die and also roller tidy

When the wood pellets have actually worked for 30 days, you require to tidy up the roller and die with diesel or gas. Coat them with lubricating substance oil and also mount them once more. To guarantee stable high production, we must keep the inside of the die tidy.

If the ash is attached to the roller or the lubricating oil is insufficient, the rollers would turn unsteadily, and the manufacturing rate will be influenced. Customers must check the working problem of rollers frequently.

Preheat the pellet equipment

Every time prior to making wood pellets, feed the oil mix consistently till the temperature within depends on 50 ℃. Then you can feed the biomass products to make pellets.

In wintertime, as the weather condition is chilly, the die is frail, we should preheat the equipment for longer time, to make sure that the pellet equipment can function better, the production is greater, as well as the service life is much longer.

Makes sure basic materials top quality

Throughout the working of wood pellet device, you ought to guarantee there is no stones or irons in the raw products, in case they create damage to the die.

The dampness material in the raw materials ought to be 10%-18%. Dry product are tough to mold and mildew, which will increase the abrasion of the pellet maker. If the raw materials are as well moist, the moisture would evaporate and also blend with the wood powders, and block the holes on die.

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