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Biomass pellet mill in biofuel pellet plant?

1. Is biomass pellet mill enough for biomass pellet plant?

What are the requirements for running a pellet fuel plant? Just need a biomass pellet mill?

As the weather gets colder and colder, more and more fuel pellets are used, and naturally more pellets are made. Some people also want to buy a biomass fuel pellet machine for their own use. However, Making fuel pellets is not for everyone, why? Today, I will share with you what conditions are required to run a biomass pellet plant.

In fact, for rural people, it is very advantageous to set up a biomass fuel pellet factory. Why do you say that? This starts with the raw material of the fuel pellets.

Twigs, leaves, straws, straw, cotton stalks, these can be used as raw materials for fuel pellets. Does it sound familiar? In fact, these are the garbage that our rural areas have always regarded as waste.

And turning these pellets into fuel can be described as turning waste into treasure. However, with such innate advantages, can a biomass pellet factory be established? Of course not. We have to have a venue. For rural people, these problems are not big. With the venue, we have to consider the biomass pellet mill and other equipment.

There are wood shredders, and discarded branches, leaves, straws, straws, cotton stalks, etc., all need to be smashed before they can be pressed into fuel pellets. If the humidity of the raw materials is too high, a wood dryer is required to remove the moisture in the raw materials. When the humidity meets the requirements of granulation, it can be used to make granules.

Since it is to suppress pellets, there must be a biomass pellet mill. Be careful, do not replace it with a biomass pellet mill. Although the biomass pellet mill can also suppress pellets, the density of the pellets is not enough, and the combustion effect is not good.

If the volume is large, a conveyor is required, which constitutes a simple biomass pellet mill production line. The baler is also labor-saving. If you just want to use it yourself, sell a little if you can’t use it up, then do you need such trouble?

 In fact, if the amount is small, only a biomass pellet mill and a pulverizer are needed. Investment needs to be cautious, and marketability is king. This is also the top priority of running a biomass fuel pellet factory.

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2.The biomass pellet mill uses local materials

Biomass pellet mill

The biomass pellet mill can use waste agricultural, forestry and agricultural crops as raw materials, and can realize on-site production. The biomass pellet fuel produced by it has the characteristics of environmental protection, energy saving and regeneration.

Biomass pellet mill has very good social and economic benefits, very practical and popularization value, and has a significant role in alleviating environmental pollution and energy shortage in my country, and has a very large development prospect in the energy and fuel market.

Many countries’ biomass natural resources are very rich, the annual production of agricultural and forestry wastes reaches 1.2 billion tons, including 700 million tons of straw. There are still 3.3 billion tons of organic emissions from livestock.

However, most of these resources have not been used rationally, and instead caused air and water pollution. In the context of air pollution prevention and control, the country has long reached a consensus on restricting the use of coal-fired boilers in key areas and promoting clean fuels.

The biomass pellet mill can realize on-site materials, turn waste into treasure, and process biomass waste into biomass pellet fuel. Biomass energy is a very important renewable energy source, which also plays a very important role in controlling greenhouse gas emissions. It can also replace fossil fuels and play a very important role in solving global energy demand.

The properties of biomass pellet fuel in biomass energy are similar to the previous ones, the difference is that it is processed by biomass pellet mill using residues from farming and forestry operations such as straw, straw, rice husk, corncob, branches, etc. Cylindrical granular environmentally friendly new fuel.

Its calorific value is very high. According to different factors of materials, its calorific value is about 3500~4500 kcal per kilogram, and the biomass pellet fuel is small in size, which not only saves storage space and facilitates transportation, but also because of its large contact area with air , which is conducive to combustion and can generate a large amount of heat in a short time.

In addition, the slag left after the biomass pellet fuel is burned is an excellent organic potash fertilizer, which can be returned to the land, allowing it to provide nutrients to the growing crops, forming a virtuous cycle.

Biomass energy is a very important renewable energy source, which also plays a very important role in controlling greenhouse gas emissions. It can also replace fossil fuels and play a very important role in solving global energy demand.

The production of biomass pellet mill not only consumes a large amount of waste, but also does not contain sulfur and phosphorus and other substances, the content of harmful gas components generated during combustion is extremely low, and the emission of harmful gases is small, which has good environmental protection benefits. In line with the current national call for energy conservation and emission reduction, environmental protection and healthy life, there are corresponding national policies to help.

The prospect of biomass fuel made by biomass pellet making machine is very bright, and the sales in the national and even foreign markets have been very popular, and the supply is in short supply. It would be your wise choice to enter the industry at such an opportune time!

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